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24 July 1989
Nevada, United States
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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - Hogsmeade Scotland - Highland UK
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If you're looking for my icons, go to tmg_icons. I do not post my icons or my colorbars here. Thanks!

Anything in my personal userpics that are made by tmg_icons you can snag. Sometimes I upload icons for myself to use that I haven't gotten around to posting on my icon journal yet.

About Me

I'm Maria, known mostly as SAN. I'm 24 years old, with a cat named Julie and a dog named Lady Sable. She's a pomeranian. She barks a lot.

My dream is to one day go out into space and find a planet which can sustain life, in which I shall call Santopia. I will be sending out invites to this planet once I find it. You will have to provide your own space travel, however.

I collect cartoons and animated movies, I play video games, I make icons and general graphics, I draw, I watch sitcoms and comedies, and I don't like bacon.

I obsess slightly over small detectives, penguins wielding hammers, blue hedgehogs, pirates that cook, and creatures that battle after being caught in balls.

I own and run tmg_icons with glistengirli.


Detective Conan, Pokemon, One Piece and Sonic the Hedgehog are my top fandoms, and the ones I'll always be glad to geek about. I collect things from all of those series, as well.

I have a bunch of mini fandoms, the top of which is probably Marble Hornets. I also love a ton of video games. A ton. Seriously.


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